Big Brother Canada 8: Analyzing Sheldon Jean’s Power Up Choices

On Sunday’s episode of Big Brother Canada 8, Head of Household Sheldon Jean won the Wendy’s Power Up Necklace that gave him a choice of two powers and was given 24 hours to decide which he wanted. His choice was to either nullify an eviction vote or compete in the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother Canada production may have ended, but we still have two episodes to go. On Wednesday’s episode, we will see Head of Household Sheldon Jean make a choice between one of two powers he won. While either choice means nothing at this point, there’s no reason we can’t have fun and try to guess which one would have benefitted him more had the season continued.

The two choices Sheldon had were: Chop a Vote, which allowed him to nullify the vote of one houseguest or Spice Up the Veto Competition, which allowed him to participate in the Power of Veto competition. He had 24 hours to decide which power he wanted. As previously reported, Sheldon did not play in the Power of Veto competition, so it is clear that Sheldon took the Chop a Vote power.

Which power would be smarter for Sheldon?

There are pros and cons to both sides for Sheldon. If he picked the Chop a Vote, it could mean the difference between his target staying and going given that Carol Rosher wanted to quit. There were some who wanted to evict Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao and others who wanted to grant Carol her wish. So that could’ve been very useful had there actually been an eviction this week. On the downside, he also could’ve made unnecessary enemies had he chopped the wrong person’s vote.

As for Spice up the Veto, Sheldon had already won back to back Head of Household competitions. If he plays in the Power of Veto and wins that too, then he likely puts a huge target on his back with those outside the alliance. They would’ve seen him as a huge physical threat. On the other hand, there was no real opposition to Sheldon’s alliance. The Evictors no longer posed a real threat and the other houseguests were floating in the middle. So, had Sheldon played and won, he would’ve ensured that Minh-Ly remained on the block and they had the chance to evict her if they wanted to.

With everything said, I feel Chop a Vote would’ve been smarter for Sheldon to pick than Spice Up the Veto Competition. The pros just far outweigh the cons on the Chop a Vote side compared to the Spice Up the Veto side.

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If Big Brother Canada 8 had continued and you were in Sheldon’s shoes, which power would you have picked? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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