Why Jordan Parhar Should Return to Big Brother Canada

With Big Brother Canada 8 on the horizon, we decided to look back at previous seasons. These are the houseguests we would like to see return for a future season.

With Big Brother Canada 8 on the horizon, we decided to look back at previous seasons. One of the first things typically on the forefront of fans’ minds is returning players. So, we decided to make a list of players we would like to see return for a future season of Big Brother Canada.

The criteria are simple: you can only have played once and not won the show. It could also just be someone the author liked, thought was a good player, could’ve gone down as a legend if not for a twist, or someone who simply needs a shot at redemption. This entry looks at why Jordan Parhar from Big Brother Canada 3 should return.

Why Jordan Parhar should return to Big Brother Canada

Jordan was playing a strong game on Big Brother Canada 3. That is, until he and his ally Zach Oleynik got overconfident and let their guard down.

Jordan formed a tight alliance with Zach early on the and two played both sides of the house. Teir plan was working. However, they made several mistakes during week 5 that led to Jordan’s blindside.

Week 5 began with Sindy Nguyen winning her way back into the game. Jordan soon fell into what he thought was a showmance with Sindy (despite advising Zach against showmances). Their first mistake came when Zach won HOH in week 5. If you are playing the middle ground, the last thing you should do is win HOH because then you reveal your hand.

Then, Jordan made what is often referred to as the biggest blunder in Big Brother Canada history. He volunteered to go on the block in an attempt to throw people off that he and Zach were working together. So, Zach nominated Jordan against Godfrey Mangwiza for eviction.

Their next two mistakes came with the POV. Jordan decided it would be a great idea to throw the POV competition in hopes Zach would win it. Zach did win the POV but refused to use the POV on Jordan as it might give away they were close.

Unbeknownst to Jordan and Zach, Sindy was secretly rallying votes to evict Jordan. She was able to get Sarah Hanlon, Brittnee Blair, Bruno Ielo, and Bobby Hlad to vote with her to blindside Jordan. Jordan was evicted in a 5-4 vote. This made Jordan the first member of the Big Brother Canada 3 jury. To add insult to injury, Jordan would later be kicked off the jury by the final 3 (who had to pick one member of the jury to ban from voting).

Simply, put Jordan deserves a 2nd chance because he made arguably the biggest blunder in Big Brother Canada history and needs redemption. He was playing a smart game before he and Zach developed a case of HOH-itis. I would like to see what damage he could do having learned from his previous mistakes.

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