Why Kaela Grant Should Return to Big Brother Canada

With Big Brother Canada 8 on the horizon, we decided to look back at previous seasons. These are the houseguests we would like to see return for a future season.

With Big Brother Canada 8 on the horizon, we decided to look back at previous seasons. One of the first things typically on the forefront of fans’ minds is returning players. So, we decided to make a list of players we would like to see return for a future season of Big Brother Canada.

The criteria are simple: you can only have played once and not won the show. It could also just be someone the author liked, thought was a good player, could’ve gone down as a legend if not for a twist, or someone who simply needs a shot at redemption. This entry looks at why Kaela Grant from Big Brother Canada 6 should return.

Why Kaela Grant should return to Big Brother Canada

Kaela is one of the fiercest female competitors Big Brother Canada has ever seen. She was in control of the season just about from start to finish.

Early on, Kaela formed a showmance with Derek Kessler and an alliance called the Real Deal with Derek, Paras Atashnak, and Jesse Larson. The alliance proved to be a dominant force as 3 of its 4 members made it to the final 3. The only one who didn’t was Jesse, who was evicted in week 3 after Hamza Hatoum won HOH.

Kaela’s game began to heat up around week 6. That week, she won HOH and nominated Ryan Ballantine and Will Kenny for eviction. Johnny Mulder won the POV that week and chose not to use it. However, Canada also had a POV thanks to the “Canada’s Save” twist. At the live eviction, it was announced Canada had voted to save Ryan. Being her strongest competition physically, Kaela chose to name Erica the replacement nominee. Erica was evicted 5-2.

From there, Derek and Kaela dominated the game. While Kaela was the more dominant force of the two, Derek got the credit. Kaela added 1 more HOH win to her resume (which she used to evict Maddy Popplet) and she also won the final 3 POVs on the season.

At the final 3, Paras won the final HOH competition and voted to evict Derek and taking Kaela to the final 2. However, Kaela lost to Paras in a 6-1 vote. The only vote she received came from Derek.

Kaela should return because It became pretty clear that she was the total package (brains, brawn, beauty, social) in terms of the game. The only thing that really did her in, in my opinion, was jury management. If she fixes that, it wouldn’t be hard to see her win next time.

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