The 5 Most Memorable Blindsides in Big Brother history: No. 5

With 21 seasons and 3 spin off versions of Big Brother in the books, we decided to take a look back at Big Brother history. These are the 5 most memorable blindsides in the history of the show.

With 21 seasons and 3 spin off version of Big Brother in the books, we decided to take a look back at Big Brother history. Now, we’ve decided to take a look back at the 5 most memorable blindsides in the show’s history. This will include the Celebrity and Over the Top version of the show.

To qualify for this list, this has to be a blindside that Big Brother fans would remember. It could also be a blindside that is constantly talked about in some way, good or bad. It could also be that this moment made history in some fashion. Checking in at No. 5 is Jase Wirey getting backdoored.

No. 5: Jase Wirey gets backdoored

Before Big Brother 5, the backdoor didn’t exist in Big Brother. However, that all changed thanks to Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon. It helped Nakomis that the draw for POV players was done differently back then. Back in those days, the HOH and two nominees picked whoever they wanted to compete with them. There was no random draw.

Here’s how Nakomis’ plan worked: First, it required at least 6 members of an alliance to be in agreement. The HOH would put up 2 pawns. The HOH and 2 pawns would pick 3 players who were in on the plan to play in the POV Competition. Once one of them won the POV, they would take one of the pawns off the block and replace that pawn with the intended target. That is what happened to Jase.

In week 5, Nakomis was HOH and nominated Diane Henry and Marvin Latimer for eviction. At first, Jase was unaware of the what was going on and thought he would be safe. Over the course of the week, he caught on to the plan but it was too little too late. Drew Daniel, Will Wikle, and Adria Klein. Drew won the POV that week and used it to save Diane. At the live eviction, Jase was evicted 6-1.

Now, the backdoors are commonplace in Big Brother. It should be noted that is only considered a true backdoor if the player evicted didn’t get a chance to compete for the POV. However, Big Brother 7: All-Stars complicated things in terms of executing a backdoor plan. These days, the POV players are picked by random draw, making it more difficult to backdoor someone.

This makes our list at No. 5 because it paved the way for all future backdoors. Not only that but Jase and his ally Michael “Cowboy” Ellis were left shocked when Jase realized what was going on.

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Which blindside checks in at No. 4? Stay tuned to find out.

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