The 5 Most Memorable Big Brother moments of the 2010’s: No. 1

With the 2010’s in the rear-view mirror, we decided to take a look back at every season of Big Brother from the previous decade. In our look back, we decided to rank the 5 most memorable moments of the decade.

With the 2010’s now over, we decided to reflect on every season of Big Brother that took place last decade. There have been many twists over the course of the decade. So, we decided to rank the 5 most memorable moments of the 2010’s. This will include both the Celebrity and Over the Top versions of Big Brother.

To qualify for this list, this moment had to have happened between 2010 and 2019. It also has to be a moment that if you asked a Big Brother fan about it, they would know exactly what it is. It does not remember if they remember that moment fondly or not. No. 1 on the list is Dan Gheesling’s Funeral.

No. 1: Dan Gheesling’s Funeral

It is week 7 in Big Brother 14. Frank Eudy and Dan have been at odds for several weeks now. However, in order to tell you how we got to this point, we need to tell you how this feud got started and escalated to where it was in week 7.

Their feud started in week 3 when Frank was supposed to get backdoored, but the eviction ended up being cancelled. Mike “Boogie” Malin was able to talk Frank out of backdooring Dan in week 5 and instead evict Wil Heuser because of their Silent Six alliance.

In week 6, Shane Meaney won HOH and nominated Boogie and Frank after Ian Terry revealed that Boogie and Frank were targeting Shane and Britney. Boogie and Frank falsely believed Dan to be the mastermind behind their nominations and lashed out at him. Boogie was evicted that week 5-2 after Frank won the Veto to save himself.

In week 7, Frank won HOH. Seeking revenge, Frank nominated his rival Dan and his closest ally, Danielle Murphree. Frank was given a choice to open Pandora’s Box and he chose to do so. Frank received around $3,000 but unleashed coins to play the skill crane game. In the skill crane game was a Golden Ball of Veto, which Ian won.

Jenn Arroyo, Britney Haynes, and Shane joined Dan, Danielle, and Frank in the POV Competition. The Quack Pack alliance (Britney, Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Ian), came up with a plan for Dan and Danielle to throw the POV to Shane or Britney. Then, Ian and the POV winner would save both nominees. Frank would then be forced to name one of his own allies the replacement nominee and the Quack Pack would evict that person.

However, during the competition, Dan didn’t go along with the plan and tried to score points for himself. He then found himself in a close race with Jenn and Frank for the Veto. Frank wanted Dan out so bad, that he whispered an answer to Britney to ensure Dan didn’t get the points. This resulted in Frank being disqualified from the competition. Jenn eventually beat Dan on the final question to win the POV.

During the POV Competition, Dan had taken a solitary confinement punishment. So, for the first 24 hours after the POV Competition, he was in solitary confinement and couldn’t talk to anyone. It was there that he came up with his master plan.

Dan came out of solitary confinement feigning illness in order to get people away from him for a while. Then, he called everyone into the living room. In the living room, he held his own funeral. He claimed he was done playing the game as he was going home and said nice things about everyone before calling out Danielle.

Then, while everyone was distracted by what he did to Danielle, Dan went up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. There, he ratted out Ian for being the mastermind behind Boogie’s eviction among other things. Since Ian was immune, they came up with Britney as the next target since she was Ian’s closest ally.

Frank amazingly went with the plan and talked to Jenn about it. Dan then went to Danielle and was amazingly able to reel her back in.

At the POV ceremony, Ian didn’t use his Golden Ball of Veto. Jaws dropped when Jenn used the POV to save Dan. Then, they dropped even further when Britney was named the replacement nominee.

At the live eviction, Britney was evicted in a 4-1 vote. Her only vote to stay came from Ian. By the season’s end, Frank finished 7th, Jenn finished 5th, and Ian defeated Dan in the final 2 by a vote of 6-1.

If there is one moment that everyone could universally talk about on Big Brother, it is this one. It was so stunning and so brilliant that it has forever become part of the show’s history.

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What is the most memorable Big Brother moment of the 2010’s in your eyes? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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