Big Brother 20 legend Tyler Crispen talks BB & relationship with Angela Rummans

Big Brother 20 legend Tyler Crispen recently appeared on Ben Higgins’ Facebook Watch series Back to Reality. In this episode, Tyler talks about Big Brother 20, his relationship with fellow houseguest Angela Rummans, and what he has been up to since Big Brother.

Ben Higgins, former star of The Batchelor and The Batchelortte, has a new Facebook Watch series entitled Back to Reality. Episodes are 6 minutes long and features reality stars talking about what their time on reality tv as well as what they’ve been up to since their season(s) stopped filming. His first guest was Big Brother 20 legend Tyler Crispen and featured a cameo appearance from his showmance turned girlfriend Angela Rummans.

Tyler’s interview with Ben about Big Brother 20 and relationship with Angela

Tyler says getting into a showmance was not part of his strategy going in. His strategy dated back to his days as a life guard in South Carolina. However, in the house its really difficult to escape those feelings because you are together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can’t hide.

Tyler said Big Brother was crazier and harder than he had imagined it would be. When Angela came along, he saw that Angela would be more than a genuine friend to him. He tried to suppress his feelings for Angela at first because he didn’t want to be seen in a showmance. Tyler was able to suppress those feelings for 3 weeks.

Tyler says the moment he and Angela made their feelings for each other known were when the season had gotten down to the final 7. They were in the blue room sleeping in separate beds, which they had pulled close to each other. A couple nights prior, Angela had told Tyler she had a secret to tell him. Then, when they were in bed that night, Angela told Tyler she was in love with him. Tyler was shocked but told her it was mutual.

Tyler says the whole experience was humbling for him. Especially because of how well it worked out for him. He felt very lucky and thankful for what happened on the show.

Today, Tyler and Angela own a jewelry line called Naut and Chain. The pair has been doing a lot of travelling as well.

Ben then surprised Tyler by bringing Angela onto the set. Angela said outside the house they saw a showmance name going around and feels like America saw the relationship before they did.

Both feel their relationship being in the public eye has been a positive thing. Tyler also said because of the fanbase around their relationship, you want to make it work. However, they know their relationship is the real deal but the fans might not know 100%. Tyler also says fans don’t know how weird they are when they’re alone together.

Tyler says he was terrified of Angela at first because he thought she was perfect. Angela says Tyler was really dumb at first but then she realized it was an act and thought he was cool. Tyler says it worked out for him he had the long hair and surfer persona because everyone thought he was dumb even though he isn’t.

It is great to see their relationship going so strong to this day outside of the Big Brother house and how it got started in the first place. Tyler and Angela sure seem like the real deal.

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Inside the Big Brother house wishes Tyler and Angela the best of luck with their future together.

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