Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Kemi Fakunle

Kemi Fakunle is a 25-year-old marketing strategist from Brooklyn, New York. What will it take for her to win it all?

Heading into any season of Big Brother, the viewers want to see a variety of players. You want the strategists, the antagonists, the hero, the nerd, and the list goes on. Kemi Fakunle enters the house claiming that she isn’t very interesting leading me to believe she won’t fit any certain “type.”

On a strictly game-level, being uninteresting is a great strategy. Floating your way to the end and often gives you a shot to win. However for Kemi, I don’t believe she is what she says she is. While she claims to be low-key and uninteresting, I think there is much more to Kemi than meets the eye. The big question for her is: Will she let us in on the real Kemi?

Jeff Schroeder interviews Kemi Fakunle

In Kemi’s interview with Jeff, Kemi opens the interview saying that her number one goal is simply to win. Her strategy is to make as many friends as possible early in the game.

Kemi goes on to talk about how it is difficult for her to bite her tongue in certain situations. She said that overly emotional people bother her and she has a hard time dealing with those type of people.

Ika Wong interviews Kemi Fakunle

In Kemi’s interview with Ika, Kemi reveals she became a fan of Big Brother during Big Brother 20. However, she goes on to say that she binged ten seasons of the show and her favorite was Big Brother 18.

Kemi says her favorite two players were Jessica Graf and Rachel Reilly. Both Reilly and Graf had showmances in the house and Reilly even went on to win the game. Kemi said she’d be willing to have a showmance in the house, but is not going in looking for one.

What are the chances that Kemi Fakunle will win Big Brother 21?

On the surface, Kemi seems like a likable person who gets along well easily with others and can adapt socially to put herself in a good starting position in the game. I fear that we haven’t seen the full spectrum of what Kemi brings to the table. If the interviews are the full encapsulation of who Kemi is, then I believe she’ll make it deep into the game but never be in a position of power.

Authenticity will be key to Kemi’s success this season. If she puts on an act in the house, she won’t be trusted. However, if she’s willing to be vulnerable and honest with people, I think that will be a recipe for success in the house.

Kemi will also have to allow the other houseguests to be themselves. If Kemi gets annoyed to quickly with them, that could lead to early danger for her game. Kemi needs to put her own pet peeves aside in order to succeed in the game.

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Ultimately, I see Kemi as a lock to make it to the jury stage of the game. I believe Kemi will be an enjoyable character to watch throughout the summer and will be a driving force in the early stages of the game as alliances are forming.