Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Ovi Kabir

Ovi Kabir is a 22-year-old University of Tennessee graduate originally from Oakridge, Tennessee. Can this student of the game win take home the prize?

From his bio, you can tell Ovi Kabir is a fan of Big Brother. He lists his favorite player as Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss. Ovi liked Hayden’s attitude, personality, and how he brought an alliance like the Brigade together.

Ovi knows he can’t win Big Brother on his own and wants to create a strong alliance, leading them through the game. He knows he may not be the smartest person in the room, but he can create the smartest team. That is his strategy for winning the game.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Ovi Kabir

In his interview with Jeff, Ovi says he has been a fan of Big Brother since he was in high school. He was taking an AP sociology class and one of the assignments was to watch Big Brother. While he thought the concept was weird at first, he ended up getting hooked on the show. Eventually, he ended up going back and watching all Big Brother seasons.

Ovi likes to think he is self-aware and wants to create the smartest team. He wants to create an alliance to help him in the areas where he may not be the strongest. Sometimes he likes to take charge quickly, but he understands that in the house he can’t do that. Ovi plans to lay low, make good relationships, and watch other people make big moves from afar. Ovi knows the game is a marathon, not a sprint.

Ovi is willing to stab people in the back to get ahead. He also says he would rather win and be hated by America.

Ika Wong interviews Ovi Kabir

In his interview with Ika, he says he fell in love with Big Brother because it was a social experiment and strategic. He then started analyzing Big Brother and it became his guilty pleasure.

Ovi thinks he will be good for the show because he knows the game already and he feels like he’s played Big Brother outside of the game already. Ovi also thinks people will underestimate him. He says that by the time people realize he’s a threat it will be too late. He has no doubt he will be in the final two.

Ovi hopes he can be a role model for other people like him. Ovi is a Bangladeshi-American.

Ovi is a fan of Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss and Big Brother 17’s Vanessa Russo. He wants to take parts of Hayden and Vanessa’s games and emulate them in his. He also feels Vanessa doesn’t get enough respect as a player.

Ovi says while doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, he wants to steer it in a way that it hasn’t been done before.

What are the chances that Ovi Kabir will win Big Brother 21?

I think Ovi has a good head on his shoulders. You can tell he’s a smart guy. He probably won’t be a comp beast but will make up for it other areas.

In my opinion, Ovi will likely end up on the jury. He has a solid strategy and I really like how self-aware he seems to be. However, I think he will just end up being too big of a threat to take to the final two and he will be evicted as a result.