Big Brother Player Profile and Analysis: Holly Allen

Holly Allen is a 31-year-old Wine Safari Guide who currently resides in Los Angeles. It is clear that like David, she has not seen the show before and was recruited. Will she be able to learn the game quickly enough?

There are plenty of things that stick out about Holly Allen. The first is that she is a wine safari guide. This has nothing to do with her potential in the game, but it is a unique occupation.

The next thing that sticks out is that she lives on her phone. This could be an issue as she will not have her phone in the house with her. It also means she will have to find other ways to have fun.

The third thing that sticks out in Holly’s profile is that she has not seen enough Big Brother to have a favorite. This tells you right away she has likely never seen the show before and was recruited. At least she’s honest about that. Points to her for that.

Also, she says she has plenty of strategies already stacked up. I’m not sure I really believe this considering she more than likely hasn’t seen the show. If she has not seen the show before, she does not know how the game works.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Holly Allen

In her interview with Jeff, Holly she claims to be a fan of the game and excited to see Jeff. However, Jeff is quick to point out that Holly didn’t know where she was. If Holly was a fan, she would have known that.

Holly says her strategy is to build alliances that have real trust. That is going be difficult to come by in the Big Brother house. She thinks her downfall would be trusting people too much. Also, Holly says she would rather lose and be loved than win and be hated.

Holly claims that she had the Big Brother starter kit growing up. She says once school was out, she would go up to a ranch in the mountains. This ranch had no electricity. Holly’s claim here is interesting considering in her bio she says she lives on her phone.

Ika Wong Interviews Holly Allen

In her interview with Ika, Holly notes that she does not get along with catty girls. She also says she gets along better with men as she grew up in a male dominated environment. She says Jeff is one of her all-time favorites. Holly also liked Tyler Crispen and Derrick Levasseur. This is interesting because she said in her bio she had not seen enough of the show to have favorites.

Holly says she is afraid she is going to trust people too much. She knows she is going to have to lie but wants to keep the lying to a minimum. She is also there for the experience as much as the money.

What are the chances Holly Allen will win Big Brother?

The phone addiction and not having seen Big Brother before could present a problem for Holly. As her interviews show, she really does not seem to be good at lying. Holly should, however, have a strong social game.

Overall, I really don’t like Holly’s chances of winning Big Brother 21. Unlike David, I think she is in over her head. Unless she gets in a really loyal alliance or knows someone from the outside world, expect her to leave pre-jury.

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