Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: David Alexander

David Alexander is a 29-year-old photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. Can David learn how to play the game fast enough to overcome his lack of knowledge? Or will the game be too much for him?

Just by looking at his bio, it is clear David Alexander is a recruit who has never seen a single season of Big Brother. He gets points in my book for being honest about that. In his bio, he says his strategy is to watch two seasons of Big Brother. Then he wants to look further into strategies that have worked as well as the type of individuals that can win.

David describes himself as positive, charismatic and high energy. These can be useful traits for getting people on your side. He also claims to be able to cry on command. That’s a pretty impressive trait that could potentially help him get out of sticky situations.

Jeff Schroeder interviews David Alexander

In his interview with Jeff, David claims he became a fan recently. He has been trying to absorb Big Brother and is curious to see how it evolves.

David’s strategy is to play the social game. He wants to use his bubbly personality to make everyone his friend. David wants to help take the target off his back by not dominating competitions. Once he gets to the middle point of the game is where he wants to turn up his game.

David thinks one of his downfalls would be how honest he is. He feels like he would have a hard time lying to people because he cares about them. He also believes social media will not affect his gameplay.

Ika Wong Interviews David Alexander

In his interview with Ika, David reveals he has only been a fan for about 100 days. He has been binge watching Big Brother to understand the concepts. David says he watched Big Brother 12 and most of Big Brother 20. His favorite player is Big Brother 20 runner up Tyler Crispen because he enjoyed the way Tyler played.

David also says he wants to try avoid showmances in the beginning of the game at least. He also said he would rather lose and be a legend than win and not be respected. Another interesting thing to note is that David can cry on command as he notes in his bio.

What are the chances David Alexander will win Big Brother?

Even though David has clearly never seen the show, he seems like a very intelligent guy who can figure it out. He’s physically fit so he should fare well in the competitions. The biggest question surrounding David will be whether or not he can learn the game fast enough to play well.

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My prediction is that David makes it to the jury. His intelligence and charisma will likely take him to the jury. However, his lack of knowledge about the game will likely be his undoing. His lack of knowledge about the game could present a problem down the road. If he makes it that far, David might not know to study his days.