Big Brother 21 All-Stars debate: Are there returning houseguests or not?

A Big Brother 21 All-Stars debate is still taking place on social media. Some fans and former houseguests are claiming houseguests are returning, while some are stating it will be a new cast.

Big Brother 21 is set to return to CBS at the end of June. Before the season premiere takes place, producers will reveal the names of the people making up the BB21 cast. Will they all be new competitors like what was done with Big Brother 20? Or could this be a season of All-Stars, where everyone in the house has been on the show before?

The ongoing Big Brother 21 debate

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren just weighed in with his thoughts on the subject. Posting to his Twitter account, he stated that “Friendly reminder that any Big Brother alums toying about #BB21 being All-Stars have absolutely no idea what they are talking about because if CBS ACTUALLY reached out to them, they’d be too scared to say a word![sic]”

What Andy had to say makes perfect sense and it is in response to some former houseguests posting their thoughts on Twitter about possibly returning to the game. Would one of them actually ruin the chance of making a secret appearance on the show by posting about it on social media? Or is it more likely that they hadn’t been offered a spot to appear this summer?

At the same time, there are also fans pushing the conspiracy theory that some former houseguests are posting what production has told them to put online. That could even lead to the belief that Andy could have been asked to make this particular post due to the previous posts of former houseguests.

BB21 cast reveal should be interesting

The Big Brother 21 schedule begins on the last Tuesday of June. It is expected that the names of the BB21 cast members should be made public in the week prior to that. If they follow the pattern of revealing it on a Monday, then fans might be looking at the new cast list on June 17. That is when the online debate about whether an All-Stars season is happening will come to an end.

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Evel Dick Donato is another former houseguest stating that this is not going to be a summer of All-Stars inside the BB house. He has repeatedly stated that production didn’t like doing it the first time and that the team would not want to do it again. Still, the debate carries on, possibly showing how much some people want Big Brother 21 to be a season of All-Stars. But not everyone wants that.