Scottie Salton gives advice to future Big Brother cast members

Scottie Salton was a member of the Big Brother 20 cast and he has some experience to share with future houseguests.

Scottie Salton has some advice for Big Brother hopefuls. As the BB21 cast gets closer to being announced by CBS, Scottie made a new post on social media where he spoke to future houseguests. The post isn’t packed with clean language so it might be best to summarize what he had to say. He basically says don’t get advice from alums.

Scottie Salton: Big Brother alum

It’s a tad amusing that a Big Brother alum is stating that people shouldn’t take advice from them. At the same time, it’s also very apt, as new strategies can be very successful for this particular reality competition show. He sums it up by saying, “Most of us lost and the winners needed luck.” He then says that future houseguests should, “Do you.”

Scottie touches on an interesting subject, as the best players don’t always win their respective seasons. Doing well in challenges can actually lead to a cast member becoming a target, rather than a favorite to actually win the show. That’s where the luck comes into play that he is referencing in his Twitter post. It’s also why new strategies can work each summer.

Scottie Salton as BB20 cast member

During the summer 2018 season, Scottie was the eighth person voted out of the house. He won a jury competition to return to the game, but he was voted out again. Scottie would finish in eighth place for the season, having been taken out by the alliance of Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat when they were in power. Faysal didn’t trust Scottie and wasn’t aware of the Level Six alliance.

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It won’t be long until the BB21 cast is revealed by CBS. It’s also a safe bet that Scottie Salton will be posting on social media about them, as he is extremely active online. It should be fun to see what he thinks of the new cast when the new season of Big Brother gets started this summer.