Who won Big Brother 20? A quick look back at summer 2018 season

Big Brother 20 aired on CBS during the summer months of 2018. An entirely new cast made up the BB20 houseguests and viewers made it a hit in the ratings.

The Big Brother 20 cast was an interesting one that helped bring a lot of eyes to CBS this past summer. There weren’t any casting twists or returning houseguests this time around, allowing the 16 members of the BB20 cast to just play the game. There was a lot of drama, a few twists involving technology, and an unpredictable ending to the season, though. Once again, the reality competition show was a winner for the network.

Who won Big Brother 20?

Jumping right into it, the Big Brother 20 winner was Kaycee Clark. A professional football player from Arizona, she made some key alliances early on and then became a competition beast later in the season. On finale night, the BB20 jury awarded her with the $500,000 prize and a surprise victory over Tyler Crispen.

There was an early six-person alliance that controlled a lot of the game. It was made up of Kaycee, Tyler, Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson, Rachel Swindler, and Winston Hines. There were times when the other side of the house could have really broken them up, but floaters kept helping them make it further in the game. From there, Tyler and Kaycee won many challenges, taking themselves all the way to the final two.

Level 6 alliance dominates the game

While there were a lot of alliances that formed and shuffled members during the summer 2018 season, the strongest one was the Level 6 alliance. Winston and Rachel ended up being picked off early on, but the quartet of Kaycee, Tyler, Brett, and Angela was too difficult for the rest of the house to deal with. It also led to a lasting showmance between Angela and Tyler.

There were a number of duos that could be fun to see on future seasons of the show, including Angela and Tyler, as well as Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafatt, JC Mounduix and Rachel Swindler, and Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C (Chris Williams). Only time will tell if one or more of these duos gets invited back somewhere down the road.

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In addition to Kaycee Clark being named the Big Brother 20 winner (in a 5-4 vote), Tyler Crispen won $50,000 for finishing second place and an additional $25,000 for being named America’s Favorite Houseguest.