Five twists that should return for Big Brother 21

Every season of Big Brother, there are twists that shake up the game. Some have been good, others not so much. In this article, I will be discussing the good twists that I feel should return for Big Brother 21.

Big Brother has been on the air since the summer of 2000 and is still going strong, 19 years later. After 19 seasons, there have been a lot of twists. Some have been rather ill-advised. Examples of ill-advised twists I didn’t like include Team America and Battle of the Block. Other twists have worked out well. An example of a twist that worked is the Double Eviction, which has become a staple of Big Brother.

What makes a good twist? Well, that twist has to provide the potential for good gameplay and a little bit of drama. These things are key components to a fan’s enjoyment of watching Big Brother. In this article, I will discuss the five that should return for Big Brother 21 this summer.

When factoring in what twists should return, I took into account memorable moments that occurred due to the twist, moves that happened in the past as a result of these twists, the potential for future drama involving this twist, and whether or not the twist would hinder good gameplay by the houseguests.

When you are done reading this article, let me know how I did. If there are other twists that you think should return, post them in the comments below!

5.  Pandora’s Box

Premise: The Head of Household would be given a choice to open Pandora’s Box (marked by a golden question mark on a door in the HoH room), based on a clue shown on a monitor. The Head of Household would either get something good or something bad. Whatever the Head of Household got, the rest of the house got the opposite.

Seasons used: Big Brother 11-14

This twist may be controversial among fans, however, it can be a really good twist if used correctly. The box could provide for some high drama. As an example, if Pandora’s Box never existed, we would never have gotten the memorable fight between Rachel and Ragan in Big Brother 12. It could also be used to provide drama in the form of good gameplay, allowing a houseguest to move from the bottom to the top in future weeks.

This twist typically will not hinder gameplay, either, which is also crucial to why this twist should be back. This twist was used 11 times in the past.

4. Secret Pairings

Premise: Every player in the game had a secret partner and if a pair got to the end together, the winner would take home $1,000,000 instead of the $500,000 prize. Initially, each pair thought they were the only secret pair in the game. Julie eventually confirmed that everybody was playing with a secret pair.

Season used: Big Brother 6

This twist is a very underrated twist in Big Brother history. It is their version of the Survivor: Blood vs. Water theme. This twist brings out every emotion in players because you are playing with someone you know personally. If someone’s partner gets evicted, that is only going to make the remaining one fight harder and come after those who evicted their partner.

One other thing bringing back this twist could do is it could provide Big Brother with their own Ciera Eastin moment, where a player gets their own pairing evicted to further their own game. If that happened, it would instantly become one of the show’s most memorable moments. There are endless possibilities for memorable moments with this twist and it should be revisited.

3. America’s Player

Premise: America controls the actions of one player, either for an entire season or for one week. America gives them assignments they must complete from who to get nominated, to who to get evicted, to who to give a hug to for 10 seconds. America’s Player gets a monetary prize for the completion of their tasks.

Seasons used: Big Brother 8 and Big Brother 10

This twist is a great way for America to be involved in the game, but it should be only be used the way they used it in Big Brother 10. Offer the title of America’s Player to someone for one week and give them a monetary prize for completing the tasks.

If you use this twist for an entire season, fans are going to complain that the player chosen as America’s Player did not get to play their own game. In Big Brother 8, when Eric Stein was America’s Player, he was playing a great game even though his moves were controlled by America. If he had control over his own moves, he could easily have won the season instead of finishing in fifth place.

Let’s also not forget that the America’s Player twist has led to some epic blindsides in the past, such as Dustin’s blindside in Big Brother 8 and Jessie’s blindside in Big Brother 10. So, if this twist is done right, there is potential for high drama.

2. Double Eviction

Premise: It is a week’s worth of Big Brother in one night. You have the first Live Eviction, a live Head of Household Competition, live Power of Veto Competition, and a second Live Eviction all in one night.

Seasons used: Big Brother 5-20

This twist has been used every season since Big Brother 5 and it is not one that is going to get old anytime soon. This twist usually provides for high drama as this is where big moves often get made. For example, in BB20, Brett was blindsided by his own alliance during the double eviction.

The biggest reason why the Double Eviction, is such a success is that with how quickly the gameplay goes on Double Eviction night, it forces houseguests to ramp up their gameplay and gives little time for those in power to make their decisions about who they want to nominate and evict.

Because of how little time there is that night, it is usually where the biggest moves of the season are made. The intended target has no time to scramble for their safety in the game as they would during a normal eviction week. Other notable victims of the Double Eviction include James Rhine, Eric Stein, and Brendon Villegas.

1. A season with no twists

Premise: There are no twists during the course of the season, just classic Big Brother gameplay.

Season(s) Used: Big Brother 2

When you think about it, all twists really do in Big Brother is interfere with gameplay. The more twists there are in the game, the more conservatively people are going to play because they do not want the twists coming back to bite them in the end. If you have a season without twists, players are likelier to be more aggressive in their gameplay.

Another reason this would be a good twist to use is that, if you have seen even just one episode of Big Brother, you know to expect a few twists during the course of the season. Just think about how big of a curveball it would be to throw in a season with no twists. The longer the game goes on without a twist, the more the houseguests would wonder when the twists are going to start coming and possibly start making moves to prepare for the twist. A season with no twists would simply make for great television because it would force houseguests to play more aggressively and fight harder for their spot in the game.

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A season without twists allows players to take their fate into their own hands. Whenever you have a twist, you have fans who are going to complain about a player getting disadvantaged by it and claiming production rigged the game for a certain player. In this scenario, those criticisms go away, because, without twists, it is solely up to you how far you get in the game.