Who got evicted last night on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2?

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 evicted another houseguest last night. There are now just nine people left competing for the $250,000.

The January 28 episode of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 had a lot of ground to cover. Coming into the night, Kato Kaelin had won the Head of Household Competition. He then nominated Dina Lohan and Tamar Braxton for eviction. But before they could get to another Eviction Ceremony, the cast had to play for the Power of Veto. Tom Green won the veto, used it to save Dina, and then watched Kato nominate Ryan Lochte as a replacement on the block.

Who got evicted last night on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2?

It turned out that Kato Kaelin had a big plan to backdoor Ryan Lochte. Having a Veto Competition where Ryan was not a part helped that mission. Then, at the Eviction Ceremony to wrap up the episode, the CBB2 cast voted 6-1 to evict Ryan. Ryan joins Jonathan Bennett and Anthony Scaramucci on the outside of the house.

This is an outcome that Ryan had feared taking place. During his time as the HOH, he had to nominate four different people, in addition to when Jonathan ended up on the block. That’s a lot of enemies to make in the game, which was made worse by his inability to stick to an alliance. He alienated Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie, which caused them to find new game partners.

A new Head of Household is crowned on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

The rest of this article is going to contain spoilers about what took place after Ryan Lochte got evicted from the Big Brother house last night. Later in the evening (and into the early morning hours), the cast played out a new HOH Competition. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the new HOH is Tom Green. Tom is working with Kato, so they can now go after another target in the game. Who will that be this time?

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There is no new episode of the show on Tuesday night (January 29), so viewers get a night off to enjoy what has already taken place this season. It will return for a new episode on Wednesday night (January 30), when the Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 schedule continues on CBS.