Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto spoilers revealed on live feeds

Power of Veto results are Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds this evening. Following the second episode of the winter 2019 season, the producers turned on the feeds for subscribers.

The latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers come from late Tuesday evening (January 22). After the second episode aired on CBS, the live feed to the house was finally turned on. This allowed subscribers to take another peek inside the BB house. During this look, the Week 1 Power of Veto results became obvious. This provided the opportunity for the live feed viewers to move ahead of the CBS audience when it comes to the nightly episodes.

Who are the nominees for eviction?

Ryan Lochte became the first Head of Household and he then had to pick two nominees for eviction. One of the twists this season is that three people are nominated for eviction. The first nominee was Jonathan Bennett after he lost a head-to-head competition against Ryan. Then, at the first Nomination Ceremony, Ryan put Anthony Scaramucci and Tom Green on the block.

Who won the Power of Veto?

Kato Kaelin won the Power of Veto. This hasn’t been officially confirmed, but that’s what the houseguests made it seem like when the live feeds got turned on. If Kato did indeed win the Power of Veto, then this is going to shake up everything.

In additional news, Anthony Scaramucci is gone. He isn’t showing up on the feeds, leading to the assumption that he has either quit the game or been kicked out by production. That’s a big deal because he was one of the nominees for eviction.

If these veto results are correct, it’s highly likely that Kato Kaelin would take Tom Green off the block. The duo was in a three-person alliance with Anthony, who may not be there any longer. So, what happens if Anthony quit and Kato saves Tom? It means Ryan Lochte will have to make some tough choices at the Veto Ceremony.

As a reminder, Natalie Eva Marie and Kato Kaelin were already safe after having to sit out of the Head of Household Competition. If this is all correct, Dina Lohan might be in trouble.

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The CBS schedule of episodes continues on Wednesday night (January 23) for the show. It’s the final day of the three-night season premiere of the winter installment. The producers really decided to drag this one out, and viewers will finally find out the Power of Veto results. As for the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, they should start coming out on a daily basis, as the feeds are still ahead of the CBS episodes.