Who won first HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2019?

The first Celebrity Big Brother HOH has been revealed. Producers let subscribers view the live feeds for a bit on Thursday (January 17), revealing some very interesting spoilers about the new season.

So, who won the first HOH on Celebrity Big Brother? The information was leaked intentionally, as producers turned on the live feeds to give everyone a sneak peek inside the house. When they did that, viewers were able to quickly figure out that Ryan Lochte is the first Head of Household. He is now tasked with nominating two people for eviction, which might take place before the season premiere.

Who is Ryan Lochte in CBBUS2 cast?

A previous report by Inside the BB House presented all the cast photos and bios for the 12 houseguests. Breaking it down quickly, first HOH Ryan Lochte was an Olympic swimmer for years. He often took a backseat to Michael Phelps on the national stage, but he had a flair that also led to some personal dramas. That’s why he is in the house this winter.

Breaking down the Head of Household Competition

For new fans of the show, the Head of Household Competition is designed to figure out who will be in power for the week. That person is then tasked with nominating two houseguests for eviction. The HOH is also safe for the week and gets an upstairs suite to themselves. There is a lot of power that comes with being the first Head of Household, but it’s also risky, as it could make that person a target.

Now that we know who won first HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2019, it’s likely that the first Nomination Ceremony will take place soon. Once two people are nominated for eviction, a Power of Veto Competition takes place. The Veto winner can take someone off the block (save one of the nominees), forcing the HOH to name a replacement nominee. This is where strategy can come in to play with regard to the rest of the cast.

Next: After Dark Schedule Released For Winter 2019 Season

It’s definitely exciting that the season is off and running. The full schedule was already revealed for the show, with the first episode airing on CBS next Monday (January 21). It’s interesting that Ryan Lochte is the first HOH of the winter, giving him a distinct advantage over the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother cast. Can he ride that wave up success all the way to the season finale?