Who is hosting Big Brother Celebrity 2019 season?

The person who is hosting the Big Brother Celebrity 2019 season remains unchanged. Despite social media rumors, there have been no plans revealed to change that person.

So, who is hosting the Big Brother Celebrity 2019 season? It’s none other than Julie Chen Moonves. This information should not come as a shock to fans who have been paying close attention, but the question has been raised due to Les Moonves and his court cases. Another reason for the persistent questions is that the long-time host hasn’t been showing up in the CBS commercials or the YouTube advertisements for the new winter installment.

The Big Brother Celebrity 2019 host

Though she now goes by Julie Chen Moonves, the only host that the U.S. version of the show has known is back. That piece of information was confirmed by CBS and the host herself, stretching back to the Big Brother 20 season finale. Now, she is probably getting ready to reveal a remodeled house tour and preparing to tape the first episodes of BBCeleb Season 2.

As shown in the Twitter advertisement above, Julie Chen Moonves is still considered the face of the franchise. She has hosted 20 summer versions of the show, Big Brother: Over the Top online, and one season with celebrities. That’s 22 installments of the program, and she will soon be hosting the Big Brother Celebrity 2019 season in order to make it 23.

Drama with Les Moonves and CBS

Les Moonves, who is the husband of Julie Chen Moonves, was ousted as an executive at CBS due to sexual harassment and sexual assault claims against him. The company has also refused to pay him an estimated $120 million in severance.

The former chairman and CEO of CBS brought a lot of negative publicity to his wife, which, in turn, has created rumors of her replacement on social media. So far, CBS has stood by Julie, even though she did decide to leave her position as a co-host of The Talk.

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The season premiere of BBCeleb 2 is just days away, and it still looks like the network has no plans to change hosts. When the show gets started on January 21, fans should expect Julie’s smiling face to be there, greeting the new celebrities as they head inside the BB house. Until that point, though, it should come as a surprise if people keep asking who is hosting the Big Brother Celebrity 2019 season?