Cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2019 still on schedule

The cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2019 will come out in a matter of days, setting the stage for a winter season that is bound to be very entertaining for CBS viewers.

While the cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2019 has already reportedly seen a bit of drama in the offseason, everything still appears to be on schedule for the winter season. In regard to that potential drama, there was a post on social media stating that two members of the CBB2 cast had quit the show. At issue were the salaries that the celebrities had agreed to take in exchange for appearing on the show.

When is cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2019 revealed?

For Big Brother 20, the cast was revealed on Monday, June 18 and the season premiere aired on Wednesday, June 27. For U.S. Celebrity Big Brother Season 1, the cast was revealed during the Grammy Awards on January 28. Then, the season premiere took place on CBS on Wednesday, February 7.

According to the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule that was released by CBS, the first episode will air on Monday, January 21. While fans and CBS viewers may be getting very anxious about learning the names of the new celebrities, these dates indicate that the network is right on its normal schedule. That being said, it also indicates that the big cast reveal is likely coming in the next few days.

Big Brother Celebrity 2019 start date

The CBB2 start date falls on a Monday (January 21), allowing the network and producers to cover a lot of ground during the premiere week. In fact, on the schedule, which is linked above, there are four episodes on CBS within that first week. Viewers are going to get their fill of these celebrities, with a lot of opportunities to see how they are adjusting to their time inside the BB house. Hopefully, nobody on the CBB2 cast will want to quit the show once it gets started.

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Despite the Big Brother Celebrity 2019 start date coming up rather quickly, there is no need for fans to stress about the current lack of information. It will all come out in due time, and at that point, CBS is going to inundate fans with television commercials, YouTube videos, and Twitter advertisements about the winter season. The cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2019 is coming!