Is Julie Chen hosting Celebrity Big Brother? Fans ask about former co-host of The Talk

Is Julie Chen hosting Celebrity Big Brother? That’s the question that many fans have been asking on social media after Carrie Ann Inaba took over as a new co-host on The Talk.

Fans are asking, is Julie Chen hosting Celebrity Big Brother? The question has been answered, but it is coming up again because Carrie Ann Inaba just debuted as a new co-host of The Talk. It was previously reported that Inaba is replacing Chen on the CBS talk show. This week, Inaba took her seat on The Talk, leading to some viewers wondering if Chen is also leaving her reality competition show.

Is Julie Chen hosting Celebrity Big Brother?

The quick answer to this question is that Chen is back for the second season with celebrities this winter. It has already been confirmed by Chen and CBS that she is being retained as the host, despite all the controversy that has been taking place with her husband, Les Moonves. It’s also likely that she stays on for Big Brother 21 this summer.

To break it down a bit further, Julie Chen is under contract with the show, and it was already revealed during the season finale of Big Brother 20 that she was sticking around. A press release also confirmed that it is Julie Chen hosting Celebrity Big Brother, which should have put an end to the rumors. That hasn’t happened yet, possibly because she doesn’t appear in the new commercials for the show.

Will Julie Chen host Big Brother 21?

The answer to the question of whether or not Chen will return with the BB21 cast is a bit more muddled. Chen has indicated, publicly, that she wants to stay with the reality competition show. The network hasn’t been as public about that information. As it stands, there has been no official indication that she will be replaced, but if the situation with Les Moonves continues to bring the network negative press, anything could happen.

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Julie Chen and the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast debuts on Monday, January 21. Before the season premiere airs, it is likely that fans will get to see a tour of the remodeled house and a vast cast announcement. There are already rumors about who might be on the show this season, including Dina Lohan, who is the mother of Lindsay Lohan. Stay tuned fans, because the big cast announcement should be coming out within the next two weeks.