Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast announcement: When will it happen?

Celebrity Big Brother 2 is only three weeks from starting up. This had led to an increase in the interest level of fans who want to know who will be on the show this year.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2 premiere is on Monday, January 21. This dictates that producers likely already know the names on the cast list, but have done a great job at keeping them under wraps. Some hints have been posted on social media, which have led to a lot of debate and buzz about the upcoming season. It has made CBS viewers and fans of the show even more interested in learning the names.

When was first BB Celeb cast revealed?

Last winter, host Julie Chen hinted on social media that fans should watch the 2018 Grammy Awards. During the broadcast on CBS, there were two extended commercials, where the members of the first U.S. BB Celeb cast were revealed. It brought more eyes to CBS and helped put the information out on a national stage.

Breaking down the dates, the Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, January 28 and the first Celebrity Big Brother episode was on Wednesday, February 7. This indicated that the celebrities were already sequestered a few days before the official announcement and that the cast list was revealed roughly 10 days before the season premiere.

When is Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast announcement?

CBS released a full schedule for the winter 2019 season. Working backward from the Monday, January 21 premiere, it is likely that the celebrities would be revealed roughly a week before that.

If CBS goes for a weekend announcement, there are two NFL playoff games on the network for Sunday, January 13. But not all Big Brother fans like football, so it might not be a good way to promote the show. If the network wants full press coverage, a Monday, January 14 announcement would ensure that. So would Friday, January 11, as it would create weekend buzz.

These dates are all just guesses, but it does appear that fans are fewer than two weeks from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast announcement. It would be fun for the live feed subscribers if interviews were posted early again. With Jeff Schroeder busy on his new show, who might producers choose to do them this year?

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While this will be a new cast of celebrities, maybe producers should consider bringing back Have-Nots for the winter installment. It would certainly add another wrinkle to the show for the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast. Could celebrities survive with slop, cold showers, and uncomfortable beds?