Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Breaking down the online hints

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have been popping up on social media in regard to the new cast. It may provide some great information about who will join the show this winter.

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 begins on January 21, meaning the official cast list is going to come out very soon. In advance of that information becoming public knowledge, one Twitter user has been providing fans with hints about people who might be playing the game. It has led to a lot of debating online, with fans trying to figure out if the information is true and who it might refer to.

The potential Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

On November 22, Twitter user REALvegas4sure posted the first hints about the cast list. As shown in the image below, it included four emojis that might represent a cast member from this winter. They are of a man (possibly a runner), a medal, a movie projector, and of drama masks. It has led to theories that might suggest it represents an Olympian who has a show now.

One person that some Twitter users have guessed is Caitlyn Jenner. It’s someone who has been a runner, in the Olympics, has been in films, and currently co-stars on several reality television shows. It’s just one of many guesses.

More CBB USA hints

On December 2, REALvegas4sure made a second post on Twitter. This time, it included images of a rainbow, lipstick, and a high heel. Could it indicate that someone like RuPaul is about to join the cast? It would make sense, as this is a person that loves being involved in reality shows.

A third casting hint from REALvegas

Most recently, another casting hint was posted on December 22. As shown in the image below, this might indicate that a cast member is going to have a tie to politics. Using a fancy building (like most government facilities), a bald eagle, and an American flag hints that someone like Omarosa is playing the reality competition this season. She played last year, though, after spending time in President Donald Trump’s White House, so it’s not her.

These potential Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have been spurring a lot of buzz on Twitter and it has certainly created a lot of discussion about the upcoming season. This is a good thing, as it shows there is a lot of interest for when the celebrities are inside the BB house. As previously reported on the site, CBS has also revealed a full winter schedule for the show. The countdown is on to when the official cast list is revealed and the season premiere takes place.