Celebrity Big Brother ratings: CBS hoping for time slot victory again

Celebrity Big Brother ratings from the first season are a big reason CBS brought the show back. When Season 2 debuts in January, the network is hoping that it can continue winning time slots.

During its first season in the U.S., the Celebrity Big Brother ratings were quite good. The show was supposed to serve as another option for television viewers to tune away from the Winter Olympics on NBC channels. It worked, especially with an entrenched audience that the reality competition show brought with it. Adding celebrities to the mix may have also brought in new eyes, which made advertisers very happy.

The Season 1 Celebrity Big Brother ratings

There were 13 episodes in the inaugural season, all airing during February 2018. On average, the show brought in more than five million viewers a night, with a very impressive 1.25 average mark in the key demographic of viewers aged 18-49. That’s the age that advertisers like to aim for and anything above a 1.0 is considered a huge hit.

The debut episode of Celebrity Big Brother drew an estimated 7.3 million viewers and notched a 1.84 mark in the key demographic. While the successive episodes didn’t quite reach that mark again, the show still routinely drew strong numbers in the key viewing ages for most of the season.

The Celebrity Big Brother ratings also finished strong for the season, as the season finale drew more viewers than The Bachelor over on ABC. An estimated 5.2 million viewers tuned in to find out the CBB USA winner, with those numbers yielding a 1.35 mark in the key demographic.

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 coming

CBS already revealed the full winter 2019 schedule for the show. It includes 13 new episodes, with the show trying to be a winner on multiple nights each week. That all begins on Monday, January 21, when the season premiere takes place.

Next: Hints About New CBB USA Cast List

If the producers and the network puts a strong cast inside the BB house this winter, it’s certainly possible that the ratings go up when compared to last season. Putting the right celebrity cast together could also rely on having people who won’t quit the show. Last winter, two of them quit because they missed their families. As for the Celebrity Big Brother cast list, it won’t be too much longer until the network announces it online.