When does Big Brother come back on? Fans want to know

The answer to the question of when does Big Brother come back on has already been provided by CBS. Still, a lot of fans who may not have seen the online or television advertisements are curious.

The next episode in the U.S. will be part of Celebrity Big Brother. The season premiere of the show is going to take place on Monday, January 21. It’s the first of many episodes that CBS and producers will roll out this winter. For viewers who have been waiting for the show to return since Kaycee Clark was named the BB20 winner, that time has almost arrived.

The next Big Brother season premiere

The first week of Celebrity Big Brother is going to have four episodes. It all begins on that Monday night at 8/7c with additional episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. That’s four times that CBS viewers will get to see what the new celebrity cast has to offer.

Looking ahead to Big Brother 21

The BB21 cast will be playing the game in summer 2019. That’s a long way off, so there aren’t specific facts about when the season premiere will take place, yet. Previous reports at Inside the BB House have predicted that the season premiere could take place on Wednesday, June 26. That’s only a guess, based on how the show has carried things out in the past.

The celebrity cast is coming

A full schedule for the new celebrity season has been released by CBS. It’s almost time to start setting DVRs, renewing live feed subscriptions, and guessing at who will compete for the prizes this winter. The show hasn’t revealed any exact news about the BB Celeb cast, but a number of hints have been placed on social media. More information on that should come out within the next few weeks, all leading up to another installment of the reality competition.

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It’s good that there is a specific answer to the question of when does Big Brother come back on CBS. January 21 seems very close and, yet, very far away at the same time. Once the year changes over on the calendar, it will start to seem more like the new season is about to start. Early 2019 will also be when more information about the new cast and a house theme will get released as well. Possibly, right on the Twitter page for the show.