Big Brother slop: Should the celebrities have to endure it as well?

Big Brother slop is something that houseguests have had to endure for years. Should it also be something that the celebrities have to deal with during the winter seasons?

During the summer season of the show, houseguests are chosen each week to be Have-Nots. Being one means taking cold showers, sleeping in an uncomfortable room on uncomfortable beds, and eating the Big Brother slop. It’s a difficult punishment, making it tough for some houseguests to deal with. A fan site, called Big Brother Slop, feels that the celebrities should have to endure it this summer.

What is Big Brother slop?

The mixture is of oats, proteins, and vitamins. There are a lot of different ingredients, but it boils down to an oatmeal-like substance packed with nutrition. Most houseguests have stated that it isn’t packed with taste. That’s what makes it a particularly grueling punishment to deal with as a Have-Not each season.

In a poll conducted by the Twitter page, readers felt that the celebrities should have to endure the slop. At the core is the thought that bringing back the Have-Nots during the celebrity edition of the reality competition would make for good television viewing. It could possibly be a problem when trying to cast celebrities who want to take part in the show, as some of them might dread cold showers and slop so much that they opt out.

Bring back Have-Not competitions

The idea was recently floated on Inside the BB House that producers should bring back Have-Not competitions. This involved breaking the houseguests into teams, with the winners gaining comfortable beds, great meals, and hot showers for the week. The losers would become the Have-Nots for the week, gaining the punishments of slop for meals, uncomfortable sleeping situations, and cold showers. Putting celebrities through that could be very entertaining.

It would certainly be fun to see the new Celebrity Big Brother cast have to play in Have-Not competitions, even though it may be an unlikely scenario. Not to worry, though, as the Big Brother slop will be back for the summer 2019 season. At least they can put condiments and spices on it.