Big Brother news: Just six weeks until BB Celeb season premiere

The next Big Brother season is now only six weeks away. That’s when viewers will finally get to see what the BB Celeb cast looks like inside the house.

On Monday, January 21, the new group of celebrities will finally make their CBS debut. There will be a lot of additional Big Brother news before that point, but that’s the day when viewers will get to see what’s been taking place. Can the new cast build off of the success that CBS had with its first season of US celebrities? Will Season 2 be even better due to fans knowing what to expect from it?

Latest Big Brother news on winter 2019 season

As previously reported on Inside the BB House, there are going to be 13 episodes during the winter 2019 season. The season will be shorter than a month in length, but that’s the perfect time frame for a season designed to hold over viewers until Big Brother 21 next summer.

There have also been a number of hints posted on social media about who might be in the BB Celeb cast this winter. It began with a post at the end of November that might suggest Caitlyn Jenner is going to be inside the BB house. Then, another post was made, where some fans feel that it was RuPaul who was hinted at joining the cast.

Julie Chen is back!

Host Julie Chen Moonves will return for another season of the show. She has already confirmed that she will host the winter version of the show (with celebrities) but hasn’t yet stated if she will be back next summer. CBS has echoed her confirmation, keeping some continuity with the show as the new group of celebrities gets ready to play the game. Hopefully, it’s an exciting cast of characters that want to play out the entire season (without quitting).

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It’s very exciting that there is now just six weeks left until the Celebrity Big Brother season premiere. More promotional advertisements will take place on CBS and through social media as the season draws closer, including confirmations of which celebrities are going to try out the reality competition show. Very soon, reports will be coming from the house about alliances, drama, and potential favorites to win the cash prize.

Stay tuned folks, because a lot of additional Big Brother news is on the horizon, including the official winter 2019 cast list.